Moorhigh Soldiering Guild

The Moorhigh Soldiering Guild is one of the six soldiering guilds, and the first non-independent guild to attain that status. They are officially the military branch of the Crafters, but greatly exceeds its parents organisation in power. Nonetheless, it is financed by them, and any surplus goes back in their coffers, and the Crafters also own all the production facilities Moorhigh makes use of.


Moorhigh was formed in a highly publicized attempt by the Crafters to exceed their own stature as a guild for religious artisans. For years prior, they vastly increased production of weapons and armor, and talent was viciously hunted whereever they could. This was all wrapped in a web of bribes and treachery that kept the response of the soldiering guilds ineffective and off-balance. When the charter was drafted, membership made official and many senior positions being filled out by defectors from other guilds, they could be detained no longer. War broke out in the streets of Mastaria.

The resulting conflict gave the first showing of Moorhigh’s main advantage: Close coorporation with the finest artisans in the land, with exclusive access to many of their rare constructions gave them immense comparative firepower. The guilds had faced magical weapons frequently, and fielded many themselves, but Moorhigh was the first guild to field entire regiments clad in magical arms and armor, the first to systematically hand out temporary trinkets to provide their soldiers with an advantage. The resulting number of infections, and vast disturbances of the weather in later years forced Moorhigh to cut severely back on magical use following the war, but until then, it gave them an enormous advantage.

The conflict spanned two areas: Mastaria, where the main objectives of either side were control of the city gates, and either the destruction or preservation of the Crafter’s Compound, and the eastern region. Moorhigh struck first and hardest against Oneshot, wrestling control of two city gates, one of which remained theirs for the majority of the conflict. Following Oneshots vicious response, which prompted Adam Guilard, Grandmaster of The Knights at the time, to comment that in a thousand years, Oneshot had never shown the world what it could really do, diverted enough resources that Moorhigh succeeded in stealing some of the secrets in Oneshot’s university.
While the other guilds certainly played a big part in the Mastarian side of the conflict, it is generally considered mainly a fight between Oneshot and Moorhigh, and opinions as to who would have won if the war had continued, vary greatly. Most agree that Moorhigh was only competitive due to their heavy magical aid, and so it is mainly a discussion of whether their supplies would have lasted long enough to exhaust Oneshot. The conflict did alter Oneshot’s methods, and since then they have operated with a higher level of alertness, and keeping their resources more readily available. The conflict in Mastaria ended when Moorhigh conceded to return a part of what they have stolen, in exchange for Oneshot recognising them as a soldiering guild. This technically put Oneshot on the Moorhigh side of the conflict, but they withdrew entirely after the settlement.

The other conflicted area, the eastern region, was far less bloody, yet instrumental. It was between mainly Moorhigh sympathisers and the available Outrider soldiers in the area. Moorhigh sympathisers blocked off the northern mines and, importantly, the magic metal mined there. The Outriders, with help from The House of Three Pennies, held the cities in the region the entire time, but trade outside the city gates quickly became very dangerous, and this entire part of the conflict concerned itself with the safety of the trade lines. The Outriders generally had the upper hand, but lacked enough soldiers to keep all the lines safe. Since the Outriders were also generally invested in the south-western region at the time, substantial reinforcements were lacking. In the end, the Outriders agreed to recognising Moorhigh in exchange for peace to conduct their colonisation efforts. This treaty marked the end of armed opposition to Moorhigh’s title, but it would be nearly ten years before disorder died down. Another ten years before Moorhigh was admitted into the council. Since then, Moorhigh has remained one most disliked and marginalised soldiering guild, and faces great opposition to their attempts at expansion. Nonetheless, Moorhigh has managed to avoid strangulation so far, and continues to prosper.

Recruitment and training

Moorhigh is the only soldiering guild with a majority of non-Mastarian members, the majority hailing from the eastern region. Their most prominent recruitment center is in Radjii, though training takes place in their headquarters in Mastaria. The diverse and slightly esoteric recruitment requirements is the source of Moorhigh’s main strength and weakness. They need people with better-than-average resistance to being smitten, and favors those with a talent for artisan work. This allows them to recruit from pools of adults the other soldiering guilds have little use for, but also tends to exclude them from the higher echelons of pute fighting talent. Thus, while Moorhigh recruits are generally competent, they are rarely as formidable warriors as those of other soldiering guilds. They are, on the whole though, the most well-educated soldiers.


Moorhigh has adapted well to the colonization efforts of Mastaria, and frequently builds outposts in the colonization regions. Their outposts, aided by their knowledge of magic, artisanship and the knowledge from Oneshot has served to make their outposts the sturdiest by far and, though the other guilds are loathe to admit it, Moorhigh resources and manpower in a given area often shapes the success of securing it more permanently. Furthermore, their equipment makes them specially suited to pursue monsters, and this has earned them something of a hero-status among the populations near the great forests.


Being originally conceived by founders insufficiently experienced in military matters, Moorhigh has always struggled with structural problems. The promotions of skilled craftsmen to important administrative or strategic posts remains a problem, and is difficult to get rid of. This is due to the prominent position of artisans being written into the founding charter, and though Moorhigh’s supplies have never lacked for quality wares, they are notorious for their armies underperforming in purely strategic matters.


The great metal mines at the northern border in the eastern region belongs firmly to Moorhigh, through a combination of firm and maintained defensive fortifications, and the goodwill of the local population. Moorhigh is generally regarded in the eastern region as representing them in the affairs of Mastaria, though their charter say nothing of the kind. It is true, however, that their member majority has allowed the region to enjoy new benefits because of them. The trade with the magic metal also ensures the Crafters great riches.
Being that Moorhigh and the Crafters are all but inseparable, Moorhigh often helps and benefits from the Crafter’s trade as well.

Moorhigh Soldiering Guild

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